Report: Working Meeting – Material development

Between November 21st to 23rd 2013 a SPACIT working meeting was held to develop materials for the upcoming SPACIT pilot course. The meeting took place at the headquarters building of the National Union of Teachers in London, UK and was attended by the partners involved in the course development (EUROGEO, Fatih University, CESIE, PLUS and Goethe University). One school partner from Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Wien attended as well as the external evaluator who presented the interim external evaluation report to the partners. It was concluded that the main criticism of the interim report to the EC had been dealt with accordingly. On the other hand it was pointed out that the new EC funding regime might change the dissemination plans of the project through courses.

Besides some organizational and reporting matters, the main objective for the meeting was the presentation of the final module structure and the discussion of draft materials. Deliverable 2.3, the list of learning outcomes produced by Goethe University Frankfurt provided a solid basis to review the modules and “translate” the learning objectives, description and the learning outcomes for every module into a non-scientific and easily understandable language. The second day was spent to present of teaching concepts and activities for every single unit. The team discussed and documented the intended activities and addressed challenges and opportunities for the twelve units. The final course materials will be completed in the beginning of April 2014, and the project team is looking forward to pilot the course on April 28th to May 2nd 2014 in Iaşi, Romania.